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Beta Packages

We are providing a BETA package that suits you and your company needs. Don't see what you want? Or want to purchase bigger volume credits. Feel free to contact us to customize a package that fits your requirement.

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Fast 1,000

1,000 THB

  • Get 1,000 Credits
  • Demographic Filtering
  • Credit lasts forever
  • Free credits

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Fast 3,000

3,000 THB

  • Get 3,000 Credits
  • Demographic Filtering
  • Credit lasts forever
  • Free credits

Best Selling

Fast 10,000

10,000 THB

  • Get 10,000 Credits
  • Demographic Filtering
  • Credit lasts forever
  • Get 500 FREE credits


How much does it cost to ask a question?

For general population, we charge 6.5 credits per 1 response with minimum of 100 responses. But if you want specific demograhic profiles, we suggest to filter the demographic of respondents, which is 10 credits per 1 response.

For example 2 question 100 responses with general population it will cost 1300 credits (2*100*6.5)

Do you provide a free trial package?

Sure! We do provide a free trial package to let you try using Fastinflow and see how it will benefits you and your company. Please contact us to request your free trial package.

Who is going to answer my question? And how did you recruit them?

Respondents are smartphone users which are usually early adopters in products and services.

And as of now, we only have Thai panel in which we recruit through our another mobile application ” Tikko”

If I want to purchase a large order, can I have a special price or privilege?

For special or custom package, please contact us  to customize the package as your need.

  • I'm very satisfied with Fastinflow service. Very convenient and user friendly. Nothing can beat the real time result it offers!

  • Previously, it took us a week to do customer research. But now with Fastinflow, we can ask quick questions and get customer insights right away!

  • The first time I've tried Fastinflow and I love it!!! I got more than a hundred responses within mere 3 minutes with demographic segmentation which is very cool

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